Staying in Business: 7 Tips for Staffing Success

Staying in Business 7 Tips for Staffing SuccessAs staffing is a competitive industry, complacency is the lead contributor of downfall of agencies. In order to achieve continuous success, Staffing Agency Trends must be consistent and effective. Experts recommend the following seven habits to stay profitable and promote longevity for your staffing agency.

Stay Hungry- Even when your agency has more job orders than candidates to place, the market is constantly changing. A client could go out of business, lay you off, or close at any point. Therefore, constantly seeking out new clientele and maintaining momentum is critical.

Treat your Associates Right- Regardless of placement potential, each candidate should be treated with respect. Not only is it ethical, but professionalism ensures proper business practices. Bear in mind that reputation is key in staffing agencies.

Choose Clients Wisely- While clientele drives your staffing business, it is recommended that you filter clients to place candidates in safe, respectful work environments. Ensure the company you are sending your clientele to is reputable and legitimate.

Consistent Processes- Each branch of your staffing agency should mirror the other in terms of hiring practices, orientations, client enrollment, and the application process. According to Scott Morefield, editorial contributor at Staffing Talk, consistency across the board demonstrates competency and professionalism.

Know your Worth- While it is common for clients to attempt to negotiate rates, it is critical to remain firm on pricing. Although some flexibility is commendable, losing money will not help the success of your firm in the long run. Explain your reasoning behind the pricing so that clients don’t attempt to give your agency an unreasonably lowball offer.

Quality Internal Staff- As your staff is the link between your clients and your agency, it is imperative you employ people who are capable of delivering.  Education, experience, personality, attitude, and focus are all key characteristics to consider upon hiring. What’s more, don’t forget to treat them well so that they have incentive to stay.

Core Values- Customer service, in addition to honor, integrity and diligence, are critical to your agency’s success. Varying levels of the organizations should promote these strategies and ideals in order to ensure success.

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