Improving Staffing Workplace Morale

Improving Staffing Workplace MoraleAs coworkers spend an average of 40 hours per week together, getting along is especially important. While not everyone is expected to be exceptionally close, promoting the Staffing Workplace Trend of comradery can help encourage productivity and effective communication. The following are ways that this beneficial work environment can be implemented.

Give Employees Purpose- Workers feel more appreciated and productive if they know they have a purpose. Since this purpose might seem to get lost in day to day duties, don’t hesitate to show your workers the value of their work.

Reflect on Achievement-While it is natural for a company to focus on the future, experts recommend taking the time to acknowledge all that has been accomplished. For example, this can come in the form of testimonials, customer recognition, promotions, etc.

Ice Breakers- Playing fun, yet work appropriate games to get your clients’ employees familiar with each other is critical. Simply because they sit next to each other doesn’t mean they are really acquainted.  Encourage your staff to take short breaks to socialize with easy ice breaker ideas.

Have Fun- Occasional outings can help to get employees acclimated to each other and promotes social engagement. Staffing Talk recommends considering a more casual environment so the employees can socialize in a non-work setting. For example, FatWallet, an online discounter, offers a monthly in-house game day that allows employees to play video games, board games, sports, and even go to amusement parks together. In turn, the staff can focus on other activities other than work which promotes stimulation and creativity in the long run.

Challenge Employees- Creating a fun, competitive task is a great way to get employees who don’t usually work together to collaborate. What’s more, if your agency is able to create a challenge for a charitable cause, it is more likely that teams will be able to overcome differences.

Team building exercises and promoting comradery are important factors in improving workplace morale. Implementing these strategies into your office can help to boost productivity, morale, and company loyalty. At World Wide Specialty Programs, we strive to provide industry trend information and supplement your staffing agency with comprehensive coverage to safeguard against the unique risks it faces. For more information, contact us today at (877) 256-0468.