Are Personality Tests Useful for Job Placement?

Are Personality Tests Useful for Job PlacementThere are many companies that incorporate personality tests into their business, and they use them in more ways that you might think. Personality Tests rank at the top of staffing trends for recruitment, but more and more companies are also using them for current employees to optimize team development.

An article by Staffing Talk  recommends several ways personality tests can be used and provides some tips for companies that choose to incorporate them.

Personality Tests as a Hiring Tool   

If you are going to use a personality test as a hiring tool, you must first clearly define the characteristics you are looking for in a candidate for a specific position. The personality tests are mute if the ideal candidate description is wrong. In addition, you must stick to a true apples-to-apples comparison. A slight lean toward one candidate should not trump a personality test comparison when used as a hiring procedure.

With that being said, a personality test is only one piece of the puzzle. This staffing trend should not outweigh other important factors such as how the candidate interview and his referrals.

Personality Tests for Team Development 

Many people in full favor of personality tests will tell you that incorporating one into their life and business has prompted positive change. The article by Staffing Talk refers to one employer who makes all employees take a personality test when they join the company, then he makes their score results available to everyone internally. This idea was borrowed from Jim Collins’ book, “Good to Great” which stresses employee communication as a characteristic of successful companies.

Personality tests can also be used internally to set up mentors and work groups by knowing which personality types work best together. It also makes public knowledge each employee’s work habits and practices, which other employees can be aware of and, ideally, avoid work-place conflict.


Overall, personality tests have several positives. Whether used for recruiting or team building purposes, it is helpful to know the reasons behind why so many companies are using them. At WorldWide Staffing, we understand that staffing trends are important to you and your staffing insurance needs. To learn more, contact us at 877.256.0468.