How Can Recruiters Guide Candidates Into Lesser Known Fields?

How Can Recruiters Guide Candidates Into Lesser Known Fields?

It can be surprising to learn that many job seekers do not understand the wide variety of career opportunities that we have in our world today. Many recruiters run into problems when trying to introduce job seekers to new or unusual jobs. There are many Staffing Agency Trends today that deal with new ways of reaching out to and inspiring job seekers.

Staffing Talk gives three main areas under which recruiters can promote niche jobs that often get overlooked by job seekers.

Building Your Way Up 

Niche jobs often provide the best ways to move up in a company. Why? Because a team member is learning a job that not many others can do, which is why it is called  niche job. An important point that recruiters can emphasis is specific and special skills learned in unique jobs make candidates more marketable.

Career-Long Flexibility

A wide range of experiences make a person a stronger candidate for many jobs. In our fast-paced world today, a candidate who can juggle many tasks at once is very valuable to companies. As a recruiter, you should encourage job seekers to explore unique and niche jobs for the sake of being more hireable. In the long run, they will have more options when searching for jobs.

Staying Behind the Scenes

Niche jobs often have this golden quality of personal accomplishment without the emotional toil of being the ‘face’ of a company.One example of a very rewarding niche job is that of an athletic trainer. The benefits of this job are obvious: great pay, interaction with players and privacy. An athletic trainer isn’t burdened by fans or high fan expectation, yet they get to deal with the excitement of sports and players. This, of course, is just one example as niche jobs can take on many forms. Nevertheless, it illustrates a unique job has many benefits.

As a recruiter, you should be aware of staffing agency trends such as promoting niche jobs that can be, with a little persuasion, great fits for your candidates. At World Wide Specialty Programs, we aim to stay current on trends to better serve you.  To learn more about our services, give us a call today at (877) 256-0468.