Resume and CV Musts for Your Candidates

Part of being a successful staffing agency is guiding your prospects in the right direction. Whether it’s placing them in a fitting role or giving them advice on their resumes, staffers are there with applicants from start to finish. With that in mind, it’s time to share a little wisdom with your applicants. It’s a widely-known fact that employers only look at a resume and CV for approximately six seconds before making their decision. Therefore, share the following information with your candidates to assist them in their job search in the future. Even more importantly, ensure your operation is secured with a customized Staffing Liability Insurance package.


Spelling, proper formatting, and consistency are key when creating these documents. Those who are making the hiring decisions simply do not have time to try and suss out where the relevant information they need is located. When a recruiter scans the digital or print version of a submitted CV they want to be able to easily find the details they are looking for. Putting a CV together in a creative way may seem like a good way to make a fantastic first impression, but it will most likely have the employer shaking their head as they move on to the next applicant, explains Staffing Talk.

If your candidates are struggling with a professional resume and CV, provide them with these templates.


Most writing applications will catch blatant spelling errors, but grammatical mistakes often go unnoticed. Therefore, it’s up to the candidate to comb through their documents and ensure that they are perfect before submitting them to potential staffing agencies and employers. At least two people should proofread the documents ahead of time, so remind your candidates to plan ahead. Next, a professional email should be provided. Encourage your clients to use their first and last name, or a variation of them, to create a professional email.


When a potential employer is given a CV that is multiple pages long, they may lose interest after the first or second page. If the truly important information is located on one of the last pages, it will never be seen. The classic advice remains that a resume should be one page and a CV no more than three pages. If your academic and work experience would exceed this, pare it down to only the highlights.

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