Is Sourcing Candidates Through Social Media a Bad Idea?

Is Sourcing Candidates Through Social Media a Bad IdeaAs social media becomes an increasingly large platform, so does the search for candidates. According to phone sourcer, Maureen Sharib, on Staffing Talk, sourcing candidates via social media leads to false positives. What are these “false positives” you might ask? Social media sourcing consumes too much time and is a database where 40% or more of the leads are no longer valid. This is because they’ve either change positions at their current employer, found another role or are no longer available for that department you’re searching for. While it’s important to understand sourcing trends, it’s also important to stay protected with Staffing Liability Insurance.

By spending an immense amount of time and effort using social sourcing for immediate hires, the problem becomes the outdated or obsolete information. The fact of the matter is, no social media site will tell you what percentage of names you find that are based on the length of time they’ve been a member. Evenmore so, these sites will not be nearly as responsive to your approach as you’d like.

There’s proof, in fact, that shows that sourcing and talent pros spend more time following up with social leads than actually building meaningful connections. Although, phone sourcing seems time-consuming in itself, the best way to transform dead ends into active leads is by keeping an updated data spread and continuously contacting your list. So maybe social media won’t help with leads, but picking up the phone might.

In addition, keeping a list of the local talent in any geographic, highly targeted expertise is important so that you are not worried about not having top tier MIAs. The only way to stop sourcing is to do extensive and enough research.

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