Staffers, Follow These Recruiting Tips for Success

Staffers, Follow These Recruiting Tips for SuccessAs unemployment is at an all-time low, recruiters are struggling to find and maintain clients. However, the right combination of tact and proactive search can boost your agency’s business. These practices can help to achieve more profit and limit Staffing Agency General Liability.

Job Fairs- Attending job fairs and showcasing available positions and your agency’s culture can attract a plethora of potential clients. Joining various fairs in different locations every few months can help to grow your business. Experts recommend handing out promotional materials like pens and pads of paper to get your name out there, as well.

Employee Referrals- Scott Morefield at Staffing Talk said that referrals will always be the largest and most reliable source. What’s more, offering referral bonuses increase the likelihood of employee participation.

Client Referrals- Content customers with whom you have a close and exclusive relationship can be a great referral source. Morefield said “If you have a solid, exclusive relationship with a client who is willing to refer applicants to your agency to screen you may be able to leave signs, business cards, and/or sign-up materials in their lobby.” Regardless of the potential fit for the company, your agency is likely to be able to place the applicants elsewhere, cultivating more business.

Print Material- Handing out fliers at local popular establishments is an inexpensive, effective way to get your name and brand out to the general public.

Google+- This platform can serve as your personal job posting page and allows you to upload photos, articles, and newsworthy events. Bear in mind that everything posted on this page is searchable, only increasing your likelihood of being found by potential job candidates.

Internet Marketing- A large portion of recruiting budgets should be spent on internet marketing as SEO, social media, and website traffic can be extremely effective recruitment strategies.

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