How Can Staffing Agencies Help Hiring Practices?

How Can Staffing Agencies Help Hiring PracticesWhen looking to hire more employees for a company, it’s important to address this in the most efficient way possible. Let’s say, your clients’ best employees leave; all of them around the same time. In order to avoid losing money and ruining the company’s reputation, it’s time for them to look for eligible candidates. The best way to go about this is by hiring a staffing company with the expertise to look for the right person to fill the position. Keep in mind, if you are tasked with this it’s vital that you are insured with Staffing Liability.

According to Staffing Talk, there is a way staffing agencies can help the hiring process. Here are 7 tips to share with employers. 

  1. Be efficient. When working with a staffing company, it’s important to work on the phone or through video chat. That way you use your time efficiently and are not trying to reach someone for days through email.
  2. Be realistic. Lower your expectations as far as getting the perfect employee. Look for someone with character and good work history and build from there.
  3. A user-friendly job description. Hire a copywriter to revise the job description for the position you need filled. Also, mention company culture and less technicalities.
  4. Develop a relationship. Work to get to know your recruiters. It’s also important to keep in constant contact with them on the status of potential candidates. Keep staffing specialities updated for any changes in job description or requirement.
  5. Improve the interview process. Ask for the specifics as far as expertise goes so you can provide your company with the perfect fit.
  6. Be present. In this day and age, it’s essential to be connected on all social media platforms. Update your company’s Facebook page and LinkedIn.
  7. Assist the staffing agency. When looking for the right candidate to fit your company’s culture, work with the staffing company to assess the tools they’re using.

At World Wide Speciality Agency, we know it’s difficult to find the right candidates. However, when finding the right hiring process, it becomes simple. We work to provide staffing industries with their insurance needs. Call us today at 877.256.0468 for more information on our liability policies.