The Art of Staffing Agency Rapport

The Art of Staffing Agency RapportThe necessary skills required for a successful staffer range from hard skills to an infectious personality. Hard skills, for example, include knowledge of spreadsheets, typing, and knowing the best interview questions to ask. On the contrary, soft skills are much more difficult to teach. For example, these skills are comprised of establishing rapport with clients and job seekers, likeability, and personality. While both of these characteristics contribute to the ideal staffer, one talent stands out the most: rapport. As we examine the benefits of rapport in the industry, be sure your Staffing Employment Practices Liability is in effect.

Job Seekers-Rapport is defined as a close and harmonious relationship in which the people or groups concerned understand each other’s feelings or ideas and communicate well, according to With this, it is important for your staffers to be aware of how they portray themselves in interviews and throughout the placement process. While being professional and not crossing any boundaries is important, it is still vital to remember to relate to the job seeker and be personable with them. Experts remind agencies that creating a personal relationship with the client and demonstrating active listening, empathy, and compassion can lead to a loyal work relationship. By letting clients “in,” they are more likely to follow through with their placement and in the event something does come up, they will notify you so as not to tarnish the relationship with the client.

Clients- it’s a given that every staffing agency wants to place perfect candidates indefinitely for their client. However, we are all human and at some point, mistakes are inevitable. Establishing rapport with a client can ease the conflict of blunders. If the agency and the client have a positive working relationship, they are more likely to understand that hiccups in the road are just that- a temporary issue that can be resolved without the ruining the professional relationship.

Scott Morefield, editorial contributor to Staffing Talk, sums up that establishing genuine relationships and rapport with clients based on mutual respect is one of the most important skills a staffer can have.

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