Staffing Agency: What Do Recruiters Look for in Resumes?

Staffing Agency What Do Recruiters Look for in Resumes

Staffing Agency: What Do Recruiters Look for in Resumes?

The average recruiter will read thousands of resumes in their career. They are experts on what to look for, what stands out in a resume, and what immediately sends an application to the rejection pile.

But how does the staffing agency add up as a whole? It’s always interesting to see trends; what are resume pet peeves, how recruiters evaluate candidates, etc.

There are thousands of articles on resumes do’s and don’ts. But let’s be honest. Even in the recruiting industry, we are all still human, and we make mistakes. We also have pet peeves. Every now and then, stopping to evaluate the way you evaluate candidates can make sure you are looking for the right qualities, and help you become a better recruiter. Below is a summary based on points in Staffing Talk of what recruiters look for in resumes.

First impressions matter. Just under half of all recruiters speed-read or scan resumes. A quarter of recruiters jump straight to the most important material, and the other quarter reads it from top to bottom. As far as content, the key words or experience have to be in the first half of the page. And, tailoring resumes specifically for the position is the quickest way to grab attention. A sense of personality ranked second, followed by extracurricular and volunteer activities.

Overall, recruiters’ biggest pet peeves are pretty standard overall: outright lies and grammar/spelling mistakes. It signifies that you aren’t educated, careless, or don’t pay attention to the details, none of which are good conclusions. And overall, recruiters aren’t too impressed. Almost half of all recruiters surveyed said most candidates needed a “major resume overhaul.” However, most recruiters acknowledged that it didn’t necessarily indicate the talents of the particular job seeker, just their resume writing skills.

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