Using Facebook to Maximize Reach

In case you haven’t taken notice yet, Facebook is the largest social media platform in existence and it’s here to stay. Over a decade later, approximately one in five people in the world check their accounts on a monthly basis. With that in mind, it’s time to utilize this tool to your advantage. As a staffing agency, especially one with multiple locations, you can reach a tremendous audience with little to no cost to your bottom line. As we explore this option, ensure your Staffing Liability Insurance is up to date.

The advent of Facebook Locations minimizes confusion and allows multiple pages to be created for one company. If you’re worried about confusing your followers, fear not. Each location of your branch will have the same exact name with the location in parenthesis. Next, the main header and image you use for your first location will be transferred to the second and third pages to ensure consistent branding. If you’re worried about branding issues, you can even set up auto posts to be shared on each page.

This option also allows for more reach. The fact that you can post lots of things that wouldn’t make sense on a main page means you can post more. And as you grow each branch page, when you combine all the branch pages posting relevant things with the postings from your main page (which will also post to the branch pages), you will reach far more people with your social media efforts than you otherwise would have, says Staffing Talk.

Next, if someone visits your main page, your other location will pop up as a nearby option. This can expand your reach tremendously and allow your company to gain more contact information for each office.

While Facebook was once just a necessary marketing tool for exposure and insights, it has now become more of a business-centered tool to expand and grow your business. Take advantage of the new features to get the most out of your marketing strategy.

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