Candidate Training: Preventing Immediate Turn Downs

As a recruiter, it’s your personal goal to place every candidate you work with in the right position. While you might have the connections and the resources to get their foot in the door, you can only do so much before the candidate must take the lead. All too often, recruiters witness the critical mistakes that applicants unknowingly make each day, errors that can cost them their dream job. In addition to minimizing your Staffing Liability with the right Staffing Insurance program, share the following information with your candidates to ensure they get the job they deserve.

Outdated resume.

It’s not uncommon for your candidates to be hasty about applying to jobs and recruitment offices in a panic. While online profiles make it easy to get click-happy and send a stored resume to numerous addresses in a snap, candidates often don’t realize their resume is outdated.

In fact, Staffing Talk explains that when your online resumes aren’t updated (whether it’s your pdf resume or on a job board), it reflects poorly on key factors employers want to see, such as conscientiousness, attention to detail, truthfulness, and even work ethic. Remind your candidates that updating their resume to include their current experience and skill set will benefit them on the job hunt.

Wrong numbers or unprofessional voicemails.

If your clients changed their phone number, remind them that their resume contact information should be updated at the same time. You can’t set them up with a perfect job if you can’t get a hold of them. Similarly, if they don’t have a voicemail set up, it’s full, or it’s a juvenile recording, these can all be perfect case in points of a candidate setting themselves up for failure.

Rude greetings.

While your candidate likely gave a personal cell phone number under their contact information, remind them to answer the phone of an unknown number gracefully. A rude or unprofessional greeting could turn the potential recruiter or employer off from working with them, even if he or she seemed perfectly suited for the position.


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