Going Beyond Basics: Adding Value to Your Staffing Firm

It goes without saying that real value lies in your dedication to your candidates and commitment to your clients. There’s no doubt that hard work always pays off, but but, aside from the obvious, how else can your staffing firm prove its worth and add value without breaking the bank? Fulfilling expectations is one thing, and surpassing them is another. In this article series, we’re going to focus on out-of-the-box ways that your firm can add value, which will ultimately improve customer experience and contribute to your bottom line. Before reading on, make sure to secure your operation with an iron-clad Staffing General Liability Insurance policy, crafted to respond to your unique exposures.

Free food.

According to Staffing Talk, take your client reps to lunch every so often. You’ll get to know them better as well as their expectations for your service. If you have several temps working at a plant, ask your contact if it would be OK to bring in pizza for each shift. It’s a minimal expense, plus you get to meet your associates as well as the regular employees. You might get some referrals out of the deal, but you will definitely get goodwill and appreciation. Plus, this is a great way to bond with clients and candidates alike.

Continuing education.

Your customer representatives are likely part of an entity that requires or promotes continuing education. Therefore, take advantage of this. Bringing in qualified speakers can help them earn their credits and keep your clients well-informed.

Promotional materials.

This should be a given. From pens and notepads to calendars and even clothing, there are so many endless opportunities for you to promote your firm with little overhead cost. These materials should be given to your clients for free as soon as you begin working with them.

Human Resources advice.

If your staff are Certified Staffing Professionals through the American Staffing Association’s certification and continuing education program, they already have a fantastic working knowledge of current legal regulations and potential pitfalls that can happen to any business that employs people. Chances are, especially if they have multiple years of experience, they’ve seen it all, or at least most of it, in a variety of different industries. Therefore, offering consultative advice (not legal advice) to your clients can steer them in the right direction and add even more value to your services.


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