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Abusive Acts Liability

This occurrence coverage protects the insured against claims from others, (not the insured or the insured’s employees), for allegations of abuse, including but not limited to physical, sickness, disease, mental anguish, mental injury, emotional distress, shock and fright.

Abusive Acts coverage is not limited to sexual misconduct.


  • Individual Policy – separate limits
  • No shared aggregate
  • Occurrence Form
  • Duty to Defend
  • Protects insured against third party claims alleging abusive acts
  • Coverage is NOT limited to alleged or actual sexual misconduct. Abusive Acts also includes physical, mental anguish, emotional, sickness, disease, mental injury, shock and fright
  • Supplemental payments for investigation and counseling related to allegations of an abusive act
  • Supplemental payments for expenses in retaining the services of a media consultant or public relations professional in response to allegations of an abusive act
  • World Wide coverage

Submission Requirements:

  • World Wide Staffing Industry Insurance Application
  • Currently valued – 3 years carrier loss runs
  • Copy of Employee Manual or Employee Handbook

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