Staffing Crime Insurance

Employee theft is one of the most prevalent and costly problems faced by American and international staffing firms. The most common criminal activities include theft and embezzlement. Moreover, over the last several years there are numerous reports of increased business crime exposures and activity from both management and employees. The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the Department of Homeland Security have warned companies of an increase in the use of computers to withdraw funds, securities, etc.

Critical in protecting against such crimes for staffing firms, recruiting companies and employment agencies is having a robust Crime insurance program in place. The Crime insurance program should provide coverage for theft of not only the staffing property but also that of the client’s property.

Crime can be as simple as theft of client goods by the temporary employee or as complicated as embezzlement of ghost payrolls. We provide first- and third-party Crime coverage that protects the insured and their client from dishonest acts committed by the insured’s employees.