White Paper - The Rising Tide of BIPA Claims

The state’s stringent 2008 Biometric Identifier Privacy Act (BIPA) means that personally, identifiable information is the same no matter what form it takes on…

White Paper – Legalization of Marijuana: Considerations for Staffing Companies

The legalization of marijuana, whether for medical or recreational uses, is causing anxiety among many U.S. businesses…

White Paper – Top 10 Ways to help reduce Workers Compensation losses…

Selecting qualified, high-performing employees and placing them successfully with the right client is the main objective of every staffing company…

Stay Connected to all things COVID-19 for Your Staffing Industry Business – The Rising Tide of BIPA Claims

Right now, the world is confronted with an outbreak of an unfathomable scale that is taking a devastating toll on both business and our personal lives…

Give and Toke: A Conversation About Marijuana and the Workplace

This is an overview of state and federal laws regarding medical and recreational marijuana use and the conflicts between state and federal law.

Me Too and the Surge in EEOC Charges

Sexual harassment in the workplace. What the EEOC has done to coordinate anti-harassment efforts.

World Wide Staffing Insurance Applications

Staffing insurance policies applications for: Professional Liability, General Liability, Abusive Acts, Employee Benefits Liability, Employment…

What is Cyber Insurance

This month’s posts have focused on how to protect your staffing agency from falling victim to a cyber-attack . Not only are these breaches expensive,

Six Strategies for Managing Workers’ Compensation Experience Modification Factors

Why maintaining an employee handbook is important. What aspects are needed for an effective handbook.

White Paper – Slip, Trip, Fall Assessment Guide

Developing an action plan is critical for reducing risks for slips, trips, and falls. Not only will you need to make changes to areas with potential for risks…

The New Era of WFH Staying Cyber Secure-Video

A video on how Cyber Security is changing and what you need to do to keep your business and network safe from cyber attacks.

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