Staffing: Women Still Feel They Face Bias

Staffing Women Still Feel They Face Bias

Staffing: Women Still Feel They Face Bias

Between Yahoo CEO Marissa Meyer’s choice to bring all remote workers back in to Sheryl Sandberg’s call for women to “lean in” to their careers, women in the workplace has been a prominent topic in the news spotlight.

However despite the discussion, women still feel they face significant hurdles in the workplace. According to a Wall Street Journal/NBC News survey, 84 percent of women say men are being paid more for similar work. Over four in ten women have face gender discrimination personally. The survey was based on nationwide telephone interviews of 1,000 adults.

What’s significant about the findings is not only the sheer numbers, but the fact that the results haven’t changed much from a survey that was conducted in 1997. There has been some change. The percentage of respondents who said women “can’t have it all” changed from 78 to 66 percent.

In general, attitudes and perceptions about women in the workplace have changed very little, especially when compared against other social issues. In general, public opinion has changed rapidly in regards to immigration, and away from other challenges facing families such as divorce or violence in the media.

Male’s diverged from women slightly on the ability to balance work and home but they were less likely than women to experience discrimination in the workplace.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics show that women who work full-time earn 79 percent of the weekly pay that men bring home. In general, a woman’s median earnings lag behind men’s in almost every occupation.

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