Recruitment Trend: Twitter is the New Resume

Recruitment Trend Twitter is the New Resume

Recruitment Trend Twitter is the New Resume

Twitter is the last place most would think to go in the job hunt. Only 140 characters? It’s hard enough cramming an entire career onto one 8.5×11 page. But, the newest recruiting tactic is Twitter, and it’s trending.

Twitter has become not only a new alternative job board, but a concise way to put out your resume as well. Recruiters are increasingly turning to social media sites to post jobs, hunt for candidates and research applicants.

For companies looking for social media marketing positions, it works seamlessly. For example, the Wall Street Journal gave one example of a firm who recruited a social media marketing position exclusively on Twitter. The firm promoted the position through tweets and only accepted candidates who had over 1,000 Twitter followers and used the hashtag “#socialCV.”

There are some basic guidelines on how to use Twitter in your recruiting tactics:

  • Follow companies, candidates, and organizations you’re interested in. If you are a recruiter for a particular industry or field, follow everyone and everything related to that niche.
  • Tweet. When you’re looking for candidates, make sure it’s known.
  • Define yourself. Just as candidates will create 140 word “resumes,” identify yourself as a recruiter. Let your followers know what you’re looking for, so they can better help you.

Proponents say recruiting over Twitters helps them get a better sense of the candidate. They can see how they interact, what their position is, who their followers are, etc. However, while interesting, the trend remains small. In a poll of 37 large U.S. companies, none was using Twitter extensively for posting jobs or for identifying candidates. Nevertheless, social media has undoubtedly affected the staffing industry, and will continue to have an impact.

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