Staffing Agency Insurance: Hiring Process Impacts Retention

Staffing Agency Insurance Hiring Process Impacts Retention

Staffing Agency Insurance: Hiring Process Impacts Retention

Talent is hard to come by. A company that not only can attract but retain good talent can boost their corporate health and longevity.

The hiring process is difficult and lengthy for candidates and employers. It is difficult to sort through large volumes of applications and resist the urge to find a candidate as quickly as possible. As a recruiter, it is your role to play the middle man and find that ideal fit.

Retention begins with clarity and clear communication in the recruiting process. suggests that employers can improve retention rates “by avoiding a false image of a candidate’s role, corporate culture, and expectations during the hiring process.” It is tempting to say anything and everything to convince a candidate to take a position. But if they do not know key facets of the position, such as company culture, they may be more likely to leave.

Clear communication involves speaking not only to the candidate, but extensively with the employer as well to understand the company culture, position expectations, and then be able to communicate them to candidates. They should have a detailed picture of the position before they accept the job.

Typically it is in the first three to six months that an employee decides whether to stay or leave a new job. In the recruiting industry, finding the right candidate for the job goes beyond just finding a quick fit. Increasing a company’s retention begins in the hiring process. The more realistically a job is portrayed by the recruiter, the more accurate candidate assessments.

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