Staffing Insurance: Why Young Grads are Losing Out

Staffing Insurance Why Young Grads are Losing Out

Staffing Insurance: Why Young Grads are Losing Out

There is a huge influx of college students entering the job market every year. Enthusiastic, intelligent, and ready to start their first job, they enter the job hunt ready to take on the interview process. But many also lack the experience to put their best foot forward.

Two key hurdles young jobseekers face are a lack of interview technique and identifying appropriate skills. In one survey, two out of every five participants (ages 16-24), said a poor interview technique let them down. A quarter said they struggled to identify how skills they learned in the experience, such as school awards, research, classes, volunteer work, and sports transferred into credible experience in the workplace.

The results of the survey shows a disconnect between young grads entering the job market for the first time and the employers looking to hire them. The positions are available, but if grads can’t communicate their skill sets competently in an interview setting, they will miss out on opportunities.

As the middle person in the exchange, a recruiter has the unique position of helping to bridge the gap, to the benefit of both the employer and candidate. Prepping candidates before the interview so they know the job requirements clearly and how to articulate their skills can help. Asking employers for interview feedback benefits twofold: the recruiter gets a clearer picture of what the employer is looking for and candidates can get feedback on their interview performance they can improve upon.

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