Staffing Agency Insurance: Importance of Eye Contact in Interviews

Staffing Agency Insurance Importance of Eye Contact in Interviews

Staffing Agency Insurance: Importance of Eye Contact in Interviews

Good communication is essential, but nowhere is it more important than in the interview setting. It’s a unique dynamic. Candidates have a very short time to make an exceptional first impression on an interviewer. And while what you say is important, sometimes how you say it matters just as much.

Nonverbal communication, or body language, includes poster, eye contact and gestures. Our nonverbal behaviors can influence other people’s perceptions of us in social interaction. And, in interpersonal communication, nonverbal communication has more of an effect on attitudes and in formulating first impressions (i.e. as in an interview setting) than verbal communication.

Among the realm of nonverbal behaviors, eye contact is particularly influential. The level of eye contact maintained can signify a multitude of things from confidence to personal attraction. Adverting eye contact can show insecurity or dishonesty. According to research, when two individuals are equally qualified for a job, the individual who maintains appropriate levels of eye contact is viewed as more competent and more hireable.

Eye contact of course, is not the only factor in a job interview. If an individual is highly qualified, eye contact doesn’t influence the outcome as much as other candidates. However, it remains a significant influencer when making a good first impression. Even if they are qualified, if an applicant portrays themselves poorly, the odds they will get the position decrease noticeably.

For recruiters, it goes beyond finding a qualified candidate. They must be able to conduct themselves well so their qualifications shine through.

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