Staffing Agency Insurance: Yahoo Expands Maternity Leave

Staffing Insurance Yahoo Expands Maternity Leave

Staffing Agency Insurance: Yahoo Expands Maternity Leave

In a blog post a few weeks back, we spoke about Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer’s decision to end the telecommute policy and require employees to come back to work.

With the decision, she unleashed a huge wave of debate and criticism about women in the workplace. Many felt the demands were unfair, especially to working mothers who require flexible schedules. While Mayer maintained that the decision wasn’t a blanket statement on telecommuting and women in the workforce, it still sparked national debate.

Now, a few months later, Mayer instituted a new policy offering generous new family benefits. Under Yahoo’s new initiative, mothers and fathers can take up to eight weeks of paid child leave with benefits every time they have a new child. New mothers are entitled to an additional eight weeks of paid leave after pregnancy.

The move has garnered significant support from employees and observers. The generous benefits put her on par with companies such as Facebook and Google, and have many who were previously critical now singing her praises.

Employee benefits such as these can go a long way in boosting employee morale. The aim is retention. By lessening employees worries at work by providing amenities such as free daycare, paid maternity leave, smartphones and free lunches, Mayer is working to take care of her employees and boost retention rates.

Employees often cite benefit rates as a top reason for staying with a company. Even if they receive an offer with a higher salary elsewhere, employees are more likely to choose the company with the better benefits. From a recruitment standpoint, benefits can be a key selling point to candidates, even over their salary.

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