Staffing Insurance: The Importance of Nonverbal in the Interview

Staffing Insurance: The Importance of Nonverbal in the Interview

Staffing Insurance: The Importance of Nonverbal in the Interview

Being able to articulate your qualifications in an interview is important. However, beyond being able to talk about your work experience, nonverbal cues are a crucial way to create a good first impression. Below are some key nonverbal behaviors to be aware of when your candidate goes to that first interview.

In the lobby. When you enter, make sure the job candidate always greets the receptionist professionally before taking a seat to wait for the interviewer. Even when waiting for the interview to begin, the first impression is crucial. Counsel your candidate not to slouch in a chair reading the latest People, or bury themselves in your phone- it gives an unprofessional air that shows you’d rather be somewhere else.

Posture. Posture can make a huge first impression all on its own. Slumped, hunched over or sloppy posture can indicate indifference, lack of confidence, or even disrespect. Don’t lean back- it could make a candidate look casual and relaxed, like they’re not taking the interview seriously. Instead, it is essential they sit up straight with their shoulders back, and lean slightly in to show interest.

Eye contact. Good eye contact is a key way to express interest and engage with the interviewer.  But eye avoidance or shifting your focus can undermine a candidate’s answers. The candidate should maintain natural eye contact, and smile and nod when appropriate so the interviewer knows they are engaged with what they are saying.

Dress. Wearing appropriate attire for an interview is an instantaneous way to make a good first impression. It can exude confidence and professionalism. On the other hand, dressing too casually or sloppily can give a bad impression to the interviewer before they ask the first question.

While experience and skill set is huge, nonverbal communication can affect an interviewer’s perception of a job candidate before they even answer a single question. In the staffing industry, nonverbal is key.

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