Many general liabilities policies will contain specific sexual abuse exclusions. However, to assure coverage, business owners should seek a policy that specifically covers sexual abuse liability. More often than not these policies are added as endorsements to the commercial general or professional liability policies.

Policy features include:

  • Negligent hiring practices
  • Negligent employment practices
  • Training on appropriate behavior
  • Investigation of claims
  • Retention
  • Failure to reports employees who commit acts of sexual misconduct

Sometimes labeled as “improper conduct”, “improper sexual conduct”, or “explicit sexual abuse/molestation”, the sexual misconduct liability policy was developed to address the financial and reputational damage that sexual misconduct and molestation allegations create.

In your mind you know that sexual abuse in the workplace is always a possibility but, most of the time, your heart can’t accept that same truth. Just because you can’t imagine any of your employees performing such a heinous act, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t ensure the future of your business. Don’t let your business fall victim to a lawsuit, protect yourself, and contact World Wide Specialty Programs today.