Cyber For Staffing

January 29th @ 11:00 AM Est

What is Cyber Coverage and how is your company at Risk? Join Simon Hughes, CFC’s Cyber Team Leader, to gain insight on the benefits and necessity of Cyber Liability Coverage in the Staffing Industry.

Learn how to protect your company and temp employees from the devastation caused by a cyber event. Topics to be discussed are:

  • Risks targeting the Staffing Industry
  • Descriptions of Cyber Attacks
  • Explanation of coverage and benefits
  • Real world examples of Cyber Liability claims

Each day, nearly 58 records are lost or stolen PER SECOND, worldwide. In 2018, Cybercriminals exposed 2.8 BILLION user records, costing US businesses $654 BILLION.

Is your company prepared to deal with the COST and RECOVERY from cyber extortion?

Do you know how quickly you needed to notify customers and any governmental, law enforcement, or professional body?

Do you know how you would handle the cost and fees associated? Do you no who to contact if your computer system fails?

If your answer is no to any of the above – reserve your spot in our webinar today!