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Temp to Full-Time Does the Worker Made the GradeIn a competitive job market, there is likely no shortage of applicants for any position a company seeks to fill. However, as employees are the backbone to the business, hiring top talent is ideal. Cultivating a great permanent staff starts …

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Five New Initiatives in Honor of EEOC’s 50th AnniversaryFifty years after The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) opened in response to Lyndon B. Johnson’s Civil Rights Act of 1964, they are adding initiatives to align with modern societal demands. Keeping your staffing firm current on these initiatives …

The Art of Staffing Agency RapportThe necessary skills required for a successful staffer range from hard skills to an infectious personality. Hard skills, for example, include knowledge of spreadsheets, typing, and knowing the best interview questions to ask. On the contrary, soft skills are much …

Fake Credentials A Real Staffing Problem CareerExcuse, a company who makes a profit by vouching for prospective employee’s nonexistent credentials, has made news headlines recently. The company’s goal is to give qualified workers second chances who have been laid off, wrongfully terminated, suffered their company’s going …