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Beyond the ResumeAlthough a resume maps out the significant accomplishments of a person’s career, there are other ways of gathering information on a potential hire. It’s important that as a Staffing Agency you look beyond a resume by using the following strategies.

Does Your Staffing Agency Stand Out?When analyzing the characteristics of a successful staffing firm, it’s important identify what your staffing firm offers to clients. Creating a culture that is client-focused is a clear and logical way to differentiate your firm from your competition. As we

What to Before and After a Cyber AttackUnfortunately, as a staffing firm, it’s inevitable that you will have to deal with a cyber attack. However, there are ways to handle it. As we discuss how to minimize the risk of a cyber attack, it’s important to stay

Do You Have a Risk Management Strategy for Identity Fraud?Employment identity theft may seem like a victimless crime. However, when a potential employee or client uses someone else’s information to obtain a job,   they have unauthorized access to another person’s records.  Typically thieves gain access to unauthorized information using …