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Is Drug Testing a Staffing Liability Concern in 2015?

While illegal drug use remains a problem in America, research increasingly indicates that workplace drug testing might not be the best way to maintain a highly productive and safe workplace environment. Furthermore, some studies go so far as to indicate

Employment Trends Show Strong Job Growth So Far

The American economy seems to have started off the new year strong, according to recent reports, continuing a trajectory of increased employment opportunities from last year. The most recent data released by the U.S. Department of Labor indicates that employers

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Preventing Burnout Among Staffing Industry Professionals

Employee burnout is a common problem which can be costly for businesses, and contribute to high employee turnover rates, low retention, decreased productivity and more. While burnout can occur in any workplace, it is incredibly frequent among service providers and

Staffing Agency Liability: Placing Independent Contractors

Staffing Agency Liability: Placing Independent Contractors

Independent contractors are a vital part of the modern economy and many industries are turing to these professionals for all sorts of different services. From design and artistic consultation to engineering, construction and other