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The Harm of a Slow Hiring ProcessAs a Staffing Agency, it’s your goal to fill an empty position with the best candidate you can find. This process can be lengthy, time-consuming or even costly, so make sure it’s worth it. Most candidates are repelled by

Avoid These Employment Practices Liability ClaimsAs an employer, it’s important to stay aware of the claims costs and how they are rising. The top trending employment practices in litigation cases are seemingly increasing. To avoid these claims and decrease costs, take care of your employees

Optimizing Online SafeguardsWe’re all aware that there are “bad guys” in this world. In the tech world, these are the cyber criminals that are trying to get access to sensitive information that can ruin your Staffing Agency. It’s important that you stay

Trusting a Staffing Agency with a Company's Hiring ProcessUtilizing a staffing agency is a great way to increase productivity, efficiency and hire the right people for the position. As a business, you are looking for employees that can help the company run smoothly. Recruiting the right talent is