Contingent Workforce Compliance

Investing in contingent workforce solutions is one of the best moves you can make for your business. A contingent workforce is available to meet the staffing needs of your business without the long-term commitment that a permanent hire requires. This arrangement makes the benefits clear, but these benefits are balanced by some liabilities that every business should be aware of. Relying on temporary staff can make your company vulnerable to a range of risks, but improving contingent workforce compliance can mitigate these risks effectively.

Onboard With Intention

One of the first steps to ensuring compliance with contingent workers is to onboard your new staff with compliance in mind. It’s important to invest in staffing EPLI to protect your company against any potential liabilities that may emerge. Onboarding should include an overview of your company’s most important policies and the establishment of expectations for contingent staff members. The role of a contingent staff member should always be clear from the start of the job, and that starts with the onboarding process.

Communicate Clearly

Communication is yet another important consideration when you’re looking at ways to minimize the risk associated with contingent workers. Contingent workers may not be familiar with your company’s established communication structures, so it’s important to introduce all new staff to the communication channels and protocols they will be expected to utilize. This can cut down on mishaps related to miscommunication. Improving workplace communication is one of the best ways to minimize liabilities, too.

Invest In Relationships

Though it’s true that contingent workers are typically temporary, that doesn’t mean that they should be treated as though they are disposable. These are still worthwhile members of your team who will be completing important tasks during their tenure. Rather than write of contingent staff members as replaceable, take the time to invest in meaningful relationships with these workers. You may later need their help again, and in some cases, you may want to make them permanent members of your team. Ask for their feedback, seek their input, and let it be known that you value the contributions that they are making.

Encourage Compliance

Being explicit about expectations is one of the best ways to encourage compliance amongst your staff members. To accomplish this, you should be clear with all staff members — including contingent workers — about the policies that are most important to your company. You should lay out the protocol for following these protocols and be sure to establish the consequences of failure to comply, too. This is one of the best strategies for improving contingent workforce compliance and minimizing liability incidents. Always explain to staff why specific policies are important, too, as you are explaining compliance to them.

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