How Can Your Clients Implement an Employee Referral Program?

Even a strong employee referral program can eventually go stale and must be updated every so often. To keep things fresh, it is essential to operate special campaigns every few months.  Employee referral programs are one of the most productive recruitment methods. Even if there isn’t a budget for elaborate prizes, the campaigns can still succeed if they generate enough attention. Your clients must track results and be memorable in employee engagement, and it’s also in their best interest to make employee referral programs consistent and fun. Running a campaign may seem intimidating, and thinking through all the options can be a little overwhelming for some.

Your clients can utilize these tips for running an effective employee referral program campaign.

Reward Activity Rather than Results

It may seem like a good idea to increase the referral bonus that has been offered in the past. It’s easy and safe since employers would only have to pay out the increased bonus if someone is hired. However, boosting reward amounts will lead to an increase in motivational returns. When effort is rewarded with an instant prize, there are often more immediate results.

Your clients should consider rewarding referrals of candidates who are invited in for an interview to ensure they are qualified so they are not bombarded with unqualified candidates.

Keep the Rules Simple

It is never ideal to overthink a campaign. Employees are busy, so if they don’t easily understand the rules of the campaign, they’ll lose interest. Some people make a complex campaign with too many rules and qualifications, time frames, deadlines, and exceptions. However, employees won’t trust competition with too many rules. It should not seem tricky. Instead, it should feel generous and fun.

Make it Fun

Campaigns should be fun and light-hearted to generate buzz. A campaign should be a piece of cake with a standard referral bonus that already represents fair compensation for efforts. Your clients can consider giving away silly prizes and use puns and rhymes in its language.

Be Prompt

A referral program is not a new concept by any means, and just like any good marketing pitch, creating a sense of urgency is vital.  With employees’ busy workload, your clients must create a campaign that forces them to do some recruiting. Campaigns should be kept short, and the deadline should be clearly advertised, as it will not be effective if it is dragged on for months. A great way to create urgency is with a race.  Your clients can play on people’s instinctive love for immediate gratification and reward employees immediately, which can motivate them to take action in the first place.

Use Physical Interactions

Employee engagement is essential to a successful employee referral program. Your clients should market the program using a variety of engagement techniques to boost success.  Emails are sufficient, but consistent and memorable face-to-face interactions are the key.  Some people put up posters, pep talk their teams, and give out customized merchandise to create a sense of pride and an appreciation for the employee referral program.

Measure Results

Every business is unique, so what has worked for some clients might not work for others.  It is helpful to set a couple of defined goals for the campaign and measure the results.  To calculate the results of the staffing employee referral program, your clients should consider:

  • How many people opened the campaign emails?
  • How many referrals were submitted?
  • How many of those referrals applied?

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