How Staffers Can Write Compelling Content

If you provide staffing business insurance to a variety of companies, your clients may have come to you asking how they can produce truly compelling, eye-catching, powerful, and effective content. Whether your clients place a serious emphasis on content marketing or whether they simply want to expand their advertising strategy, knowing the basics of writing compelling content can make a major difference for their bottom line. Before you can provide your clients with top-of-the-line advice, it’s important that you understand why staffers need compelling content and what makes for successful content. Here’s how your clients’ staffers can write better content to reach their marketing goals.

Ensure You’re Communicating Your Company’s Authentic Brand

Perhaps one of the most important tips you can give to your clients is to stay on-brand. If your clients’ staffers put together stale content that doesn’t seem to fit the usual style of the brand, it may come across as inauthentic to readers. Authentic brand communication via branded content means being:

  • Unique, fresh, and memorable
  • Connected to current or former marketing campaigns
  • Mission-driven and goal-oriented
  • On-brand in terms of voice, tone, and company personality
  • Genuinely relatable without trying too hard

Only Write on Topics Your Target Audience Is Likely To Be Interested In

Tailoring each piece of content’s main topic is another way your clients can craft better content. They may want to research the possible topics their target audience might find interesting. To do this, your clients may need to:

  • Allocate more of the company budget to market research
  • Conduct trials for different types of contents to find the most attractive niches
  • Track data from previous posts to see which ones performed the best

Try a Multimedia Approach To Expand Your Content’s Online Reach

Lastly, remind your clients that their staffers can always expand their horizons to achieve a more gripping effect. For example, a multimedia approach can help garner a larger audience and expand the business’s online reach. Your client’s staffers may want to dabble in:

  • Blog posts
  • Short-form and long-form professional articles
  • Question and answer posts
  • Short video blogs
  • Clips from professional talks and industry conferences
  • Podcasts and other types of audio content, including short audiobooks
  • E-books and email marketing content

Whatever types of companies you provide insurance services to, there’s a chance your clients may be interested in expanding their content marketing efforts and improving the quality of the content they put out. If your staffing business insurance clients have been coming to you with questions about how their staffers can put together powerful, compelling content, this list can help get the conversation started. Remind your clients that it may be helpful to focus on communicating authenticity, write about fascinating topics for the target audience, and try out a multimedia approach.

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