Mistakes That Recruiters Commonly Make

The recruiting industry is strong and growing stronger. The U.S. Department of Labor puts the recruiting industry at a growth rate of more than 50% for the next few years. As the entire corporate paradigm shifts, hiring practices are also shifting. While the need for staffing business insurance remains firm, other aspects of recruiting are not as clear.

As recruiters quickly jostle for secure footing in a new hiring market, they may need to leave behind comfortable practices and step out into unfamiliar territory. This can lead to uncertainty and even to recruitment mistakes. Here are some common recruiting errors that can be costly in multiple ways.

Mistake 1: Recruiters fail to understand industries for which they are hiring. 

If recruiters are unfamiliar with trends, patterns, and employment needs within industries for which they are seeking employees, the hiring process may not go smoothly or end satisfactorily. Recruiters do not have to be experts, but they should research relevant industries.

Understanding industry needs and specific job requirements helps both the companies for which recruiters are hiring as well as job seekers. With deeper knowledge, recruiters can more easily match job seekers to positions that need their specific skills and professional experience. Otherwise, the process wastes everyone’s time and can even become frustrating and annoying.

Mistake 2: Recruiters disregard social media platforms. 

Many job seekers research job opportunities using social networks such as LinkedIn and Twitter. Recruiters who do not have a presence on popular social media sites may sacrifice positive hiring outcomes.

Just as agencies need to carry staffing business insurance, they also need responsive presence on social media. Keep postings fresh, interesting, and helpful to job seekers. Researching industry trends helps them create useful, information-rich posts.

Mistake 3: Recruiters use weak job descriptions.

Recruiters who use weak, boring, and nonspecific job descriptions may frighten potentially solid candidates away. They need to enliven generic job descriptions provided by their clients. They should provide necessary specifics about the position and skills required, but a strong job description today might include a succinct description of a company’s corporate culture and any specific causes that business supports. That sort of personalized information can help a job posting stand out to job seekers.

Mistake 4: Recruiters fail to use the telephone for direct contact. 

Sometimes thinking about making phone calls to job candidates may seem intimidating, but it is still a powerful way to get a quick response. Even if a candidate turns down a job during a phone call, at least recruiters will get a definite answer and move forward.

Matching job seekers to employers is a balancing act. Just as recruiters need reliable staffing business insurance, they also need to stay current on industry trends and social mindsets. Taking time to research and prepare a lively online presence can pay off through successful outcomes and positive professional reputations.

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