Preparing for the Upcoming Hiring Season

As the holiday season approaches, hiring needs surge. Retailers must accommodate an influx of customers, and industrial employers must accommodate increased demand. The increased need across all industries means that employers need to prepare and start developing staffing strategies. Strengthening your seasonal recruiting is key, and so is investing in staffing EPLI. Finding a staffing employment practices liability insurance policy is the best way to shield your company against claims of wrongdoing throughout any part of the hiring process. This level of protection is especially important as hiring efforts ramp up in the coming months. Read on if you want to know how to be prepared for hiring season.

Look for Quality, Not Quantity

The first key to staffing effectively is to focus on quality rather than quantity. Even if a company needs to hire a large number of people, it’s never beneficial to lose sight of objectives and settle for subpar staff. Instead, companies should maintain high standards throughout the hiring process and seek out prospective employees who are determined, dedicated, and deliberate. These staff members are likely to be the best investment for your company long-term and provide quality labor.

Develop a Strategy

Looking for quality employees is a good start, but it’s not enough of a strategy to carry companies through the busy hiring season. In addition to an emphasis on quality, companies need to focus on the strategy behind their recruiting efforts. Where are you sourcing applications from? Are you looking for temporary or permanent employees? These are questions that a company needs to know the answers to before beginning a massive hiring campaign. Companies should consider these questions and develop a strategy that effectively recruits the staff that they need.

Outsource When You Need To

Another important principle for companies to follow is outsourcing when necessary. Sometimes a company simply can’t fulfill all of their staffing needs without additional help. Staffing agencies are a great resource to lean on in such a situation — especially when hiring needs are important, like in the upcoming hiring season. Companies that are struggling to fill their open positions should consult with a staffing agency to determine the logistics of outsourcing their hiring campaign.

Streamline the Onboarding Process

Finally, it’s vital for companies to streamline the onboarding process for new employees. This massively reduces turnover and helps to keep high-quality employees invested in the company. The onboarding process can be streamlined by implementing company-specific training protocols and helping new staff members learn their job responsibilities through hands-on training. Employers who need protection from accusations of discrimination should invest in an EPLI policy. An effective EPLI policy will shield companies from many of the liabilities associated with training and employing employees.

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