Promoting Gender Equality in Staffing

Those in the staffing industry may be wondering what steps can be taken to promote gender equality in the recruiting and hiring processes that will actually make a significant difference. Improving the recruiting process to ensure an equal chance for all can be done one step at a time.

Your clients can take advantage of these tips that can be easily implemented in their organization.

Neutral Language Job Postings

All required skills, certifications, or experience should be clearly noted as well as adding what qualifications are simply preferred.  Be cautious of inadvertently discouraging certain candidates with rigid wording as the job description language is extremely impactful. It is helpful to use document scanning tools to check for gender neutrality. There are plenty of sources available to help with ideal wording to encourage all fit individuals to apply.

Bias Training

All types of biases can create big issues within recruiting. It is crucial that the organization addresses biases and has a game plan to avoid them, otherwise they can take over in decision making. Speaking on the matter through in-depth programs with HR can go a long way. Interviews will inevitably struggle with bias at some point, which is why staffing liability insurance is so important.

Multiple Interviewers

It is very valuable when candidates can see themselves represented within an organization. It can be intimidating when you are the only one of your gender.  When there is equal representation of genders within an interview process, it allows for different perspectives during question-and-answer time. This will help the candidate feel more comfortable, in hopes of leading to a more successful and accurate decision.

Interview Location

There are some candidates who are concerned for their personal safety when going for an interview. These types of scenarios are known to affect female candidates, as well as candidates who may be emotionally triggered in certain locations or are not able to meet somewhere due to religious reasons. It is important that interviews are held in an office, coworking space, or a coffee shop that would not be offensive to anyone.

Tracking Diversity

Staffing agencies will not be able to improve their gender equality if they are not measuring it. There are tracking and forecast tools available that can assist on goals and execution. It is important that you specify quantitative measures for increasing diversity. Staffing first must establish metrics that they will be able to manage. Recruiters have so much power to make a difference in gender equality; with practical approaches, they can bring real change.

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