Staffing Insurance: Why Do Employees Lose Motivation?

Staffing Insurance Why Do Employees Lose Motivation

Staffing Insurance: Why Do Employees Lose Motivation?

All employees have their ups and downs when it comes to their levels of motivation and enthusiasm about their job, responsibilities and performance. It’s only natural. Workers can’t give 100 percent all the time, nor can they be expected to always feel positive about their job, boss, coworkers or other work factors. The truth is that the vast majority of American workers feel somewhat discontent or demotivated about their jobs all or most of the time. According to a 2013 Gallup poll, only 30 percent of American employees report feel engaged at work.

Yikes! That means that roughly 70 percent of employees feel little or no engagement in their work.  Why do so many employees lose their work mojo? Here are a few of the top reasons that employees lose their motivation:

  • No reward? No work. Even the majority of “highly engaged” employees report that they would leave their current employer for a mere 5 percent pay increase. Studies show that employees who feel they are underpaid or under rewarded are far more likely to be disengaged, less productive and generally less invested in their work and workplace. Some studies go even further to suggest that this dysphoria can even lead to employees actively attempting to thwart their employers or coworkers. While boosting payroll for every might not be a possibility in most cases, one possible solution is to define an alternative rewards system so that employees can work towards goals and there is more engagement.
  • No self-development. Employees look for opportunities to grow, learn, test and better their skills. When these opportunities are lacking, or perceived to be lacking, employees will often become disengaged and ultimately fall behind.  Many employers find that by offering inspirational and educational training to their employees which may or may not even be business or work related can help employees maintain their momentum and focus.
  • Not being heard. According to many studies, on average, 39 percent of employees feel that their input and feedback isn’t appreciated, or even wanted, at work. When employees feel their opinions are falling on deaf ears, they become more reluctant to voice them which can quickly lead to disconnects.  Much like a relationship, strong communication is vital to a successful work environment. Employers who make communication a priority often see better performance results, and fewer workplace complications, including disengagement.

Employee disengagement can lead to a number of complications, from lowering employee moral to decreasing productivity and high employee turnover rates. All of which can lead to losses as an employer. As such, incorporating a strong employee incentive program and communication standards can be a strong risk management tactic.

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