Staffing Insurance: Social Media, What Employers Look At

Staffing Insurance: Social Media, What Employers Look At

Staffing Insurance:Social Media, What Employers Look At

We’ve talked about how social media can hurt you in the job hunt in previous posts- but we haven’t really covered specifics. What does actually bother employers? How many actually look at social media profiles? Do they really use LinkedIn? This post is provided by World Wide staffing insurance for staffing agencies.

Mashable recently created an infographic from Jobvite’s Social Recruiting Survey 2012. Entitled “Social Profiles Can Help You Land or Lose a Job,” the graphic details the factors the influence employers the most. Here are the stats:

  • 92% of companies use LinkedIn, Facebook, and/or Twitter for recruiting, which makes social networking essential in the job hunt.
  • 73% of companies have found a new hire through a social network; of that group, 89% hired them through LinkedIn, followed by 26% through Facebook.

So how much does your profile matter? Do employers really look at your Facebook? According to Jobvite, recruiters respond negatively to pictures of excessive alcohol or drug consumption, and profane tweets or posts. However, spelling and grammar errors also mark high as issues that irk recruiters.

On the other hand, recruiters do look for several things. They want to see memberships in professional organizations. Volunteering and charity work also work positively in your favor. If you have blogs or find articles about the industry you’re trying to break into, those are great posts. Be wary when posting overtly political, religious, or sensitive issues- you don’t want to engage in debates or offend anyone.

As a recruiter for a staffing firm, you want to make sure your candidates put their best food forward. Caution them to take full use of all privacy settings. All sensitive content or doubtful pictures should be removed or hidden from view. Make sure to review all your social media profiles periodically to ensure the content is appropriate and is an asset rather than a liability.

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