Staffing Industry Trends: Are Most Workers Unhappy?

Staffing Industry Trends Are Most Workers Unhappy

Staffing Industry Trends: Are Most Workers Unhappy?

Countless studies have been released reporting that the job growth is reaching new heights and unemployment is decreasing, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that the American workforce is fully healthy. A recent Gallup poll revealed that only 30 percent of American workers are engaged with their jobs. The other seventy percent of workers are either “non-engaged” (50%) or “actively disengaged” (20%) from their roles and responsibilities. It seems that workers are not only dissatisfied with their current jobs but that they actively limit their own productivity. Industry experts suggest that here are a number of reasons that employees are unhappy or disengaged with their current jobs ranging for lack of growth opportunity to lack of fulfillment.

According to staffing industry professionals, under-appreciation is one of the most common complaints voiced by many workers which contribute to employee unhappiness. Everyone likes to feel that their work and opinions are valued and that their efforts are acknowledged. In many cases employees desire that their financial compensation match the effort they exert in their job performance. Workers in low paying jobs with high stress environments are often the least happy with their compensation rates and jobs as a whole. However, even well compensated workers often disengage from their work due to a number of factors.

Experts suggest that when the job demands are either too challenging, or even not challenging enough, employees will often become dissatisfied with their working conditions. If employees feel overwhelmed, chronically behind, or overworked they are likely to disengage more rapidly than their less stressed counterparts. Conversely, under challenged and underutilized employees will very commonly check out, especially if they feel that there is not potential for growth or no opportunity to take on extra responsibilities and challenges.

There are countless reasons why employees may disengage with their job, however in an increasingly competitive job market many employees choose to hold on to jobs they dislike instead of branching out and looking for something new. This can create challenges for workers and employers alike, who may all suffer as a result of employee disengagement.

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