The Importance of Soft Skills in Recruitment

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In this series of blogs, we’ve covered the major differences between hard and soft skills when it comes to placing candidates in roles for your clients. While hard skills are tangible and can be taught, soft skills relate more to the interpersonal aspect of business, and how well your candidates can interact with partners, customers, and other employees. In this article, we’ll talk about the importance of soft skills and how they can be used to better place your qualified candidates. Before learning more about these, ensure your operation is backed by a Staffing Professional Liability Insurance policy.

Building client relationships.

One of the biggest and most important features of good soft skills is the ability to build professional relationships. Key traits include empathy, teamwork, collaboration skills and interpersonal skills. If your client needs someone to nurture professional relationships and lead a team, someone with these skills would be a great fit.

Embodying professionalism.

Whether professionalism in the workplace encompasses adhering to written (or unwritten) dress and appearance policies, communication, or work ethics, high levels of professionalism can drive an environment with respect and help develop a positive company repertoire, explains eSkill.

Soft skill testing.

Testing for soft skills can be a challenge, especially as there is no right or wrong answer. However, interviewing the client and asking them to provide examples of times where they solved a problem, had to think creatively, or collaborated on a successful project can give you some great insight into their skill sets. Remember, there is not one specific infallible strategy to test for soft skills, so give the interviewee time to explain how he or she excels in this area.


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