Is Your Agency Bringing Staffing Results?

Is Your Agency Bringing Staffing Results?We understand that your agency wants to deliver successful staffing results. The best way is by developing effective relationships with your clients. As you build a strong rapport with your clients, don’t forget that it’s also important to stay protected with General Staffing Liability.

According to an article in Monster, here are a few opportunities to improve those results and bring the best talent to your clients.

Give one job to one agency. By doing this, you avoid confusing your candidates. Hiring more than one staffing agency is not only confusing, but it makes your client’s employment brand look bad.

Get direct access to hiring managers. You never know if having a middle man will cause discrepancies and miscommunication. It’s important to ask directly for the hiring manager so you can have direct access to the information.

Talk about company culture. Culture is important when looking for an employee match. Take your clients seriously by asking a lot about the environment of the company. Culture match equates to a long term employee.

Be specific. Make sure to understand what the clients want as far as hard and soft skills go. The perfect client has very specific requirements while still fitting the personality type of the workplace.

Be honest. It’s hard for your staffing firm to find a 1 in a million candidate that does not exist. Be honest and find talent that can adapt well to all types of environments, while still matching the job description.

Make an offer to an exceptional candidate. If the most excellent candidate won’t respond, be persistent. Look for reasons why they don’t choose the position to understand the approval process.

Get real. Bridging the gap and helping clients understand what qualified talent costs is your role as an agency. Make them understand the financial commitment.

At World Wide Speciality Programs, we partner with leading carriers to provide you with the most comprehensive coverage possible. We are committed to contracting the staffing industry and work at both the regulatory and business levels. Our understanding of this industry is what will keep your staffing firm safe. For more information, call us today at 877.256.0468.