Avoid These Mistakes & Encourage Staffing Firm Growth

Staffing agencies are always seeking to expand growth, especially after previously experiencing success, reaching higher production, placements, and revenue. Determining what flattens out the growth may need some exploring. It is crucial to maximize the capabilities and expertise that firms already possess. Typically, the difference between staffing firm growth and those locked in stasis comes down to common mistakes.  First and foremost, to properly protect your clients, they will need to secure the best staffing industry insurance.

Ignoring Strong Value Propositions

Though most staffing and recruiting firms have a list of value propositions that seem to promote growth, very few of those benefits actually appeal to prospects. For instance, staffing firms try to promote their ability to find candidates who aren’t available anywhere else, and prospective clients don’t buy it. Everyone’s resumes are on the job listing sites. However, staffing firm growth is highlighted by two features of their branded service: the quality of their fulfillment process and their industry specialization. A branded fulfillment process conveys a clear message to clients, while specialization embodies more than experience in a specific industry. Using specialization as a value proposition will convey that they’re subject matter experts, and their clients will feel that they offer a depth of specialization with a competitive edge.

Not Maximizing Top Performers Efforts

With the staffing industry more competitive than ever, staffing firms must consider how they use their internal talent, especially top performers. The productivity from top performers increases placements, revenue, and growth targets. Recruiters must prioritize building connections, overcoming objections, and closing deals above all else. It is also very important for recruiters to stick to their duties rather than wasting time in activities that fall outside of their most productive skillset, such as administrative, screening, and onboarding duties. These tasks should be delegated out to appropriate departments to stay on track and maintain productivity.

Agency growth can also go static if top performers lack the resources needed to reach higher. Staffing solutions are multiplying, and access to sales intelligence services can accelerate potential buyers’ identification and engagement. Premium applicant tracking systems offer a streamlined and integrated experience allowing recruiters to utilize the full lifecycle in one dashboard.

Brand Does not Attract Candidates

One of the most common challenges facing staffing firms today is maintaining a steady flow of quality candidates in their pipeline. Branded processes, specialization, and optimizing recruiting efforts help a staffing firm’s growth, however, candidates still need convincing that their brand is the perfect fit and proving their services are still valuable. Staffing firms in growth mode attract candidates long before job searches begin by using many touchpoints that create brand awareness and trust. This can be done many ways, including sponsoring community events and using content marketing.

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