Shifting to Human-Centric Recruiting

Are your clients interested in creating a genuinely human-centric recruiting experience? They can implement practices to enhance the candidate and client journey while empowering employees to spend time focusing on relational activities. If candidate experience is a focus for a firm, they should consider using more of a human-centric recruiting process.

Meeting Candidates and Clients Where They Are

How are your clients helping customers and candidates as people begin to return to work? It can be a challenge to ensure excellent experiences while considering varying levels of restrictions and guidelines. Nowadays, the focus may be on reducing the friction of the current times felt by clients and candidates, meeting them where they are, and making them feel like not much has changed with how they interact with the firm.

Your clients will get the most out of leveraging technology and automation for seamless experiences and maintaining a high touch service with candidates. Staffing companies must be proactive in building a talent pool that they can leverage later, and shift their priorities from more administrative tasks to more human-centric recruiting strategies.

Complimenting People-First Hiring with Digitization

The staffing industry has always felt the potential threat of digitization negatively impacting the industry. With Monster and CareerBuilder, Facebook and LinkedIn, offshore recruiting, the gig-economy, the “Uber-ization” of hiring, and AI coming to take jobs, they must consider how to prevent these threats from taking down their business and keep things in perspective.

They should not think of these tools as competition, they must use them to their advantage as a complementary force, allowing them to deliver and do what they do even better. Embracing digitization and new technology can help them put people and relationships first, and less relevant work in the hands of technology.

Using technology to their advantage will help recruiters cut down the busy work and allow them to focus on their relationships to help the business grow, evolve, and sustain. While implementing these tools, it is important to assess and analyze the performance along the way. Are they enabling teams to do more with less? They should think about how they are enhancing experiences and if they are promoting growth.

Optimizing Candidate Experiences

It is vital to nurture relationships from the very beginning when a candidate applies for a job. Clients should consider the positive impacts of adapting to different personalities and candidates relating to timing and communication medium. Once an automated communication campaign is complete, recalibration should be done based on communication performance.

Candidate-centric recruiting can go a long way to assist your clients’ growth. Your clients must assist candidates and their clients in developing plans based on their unique needs, meeting them where they are, and determining where there could be challenges in their plans.

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