What Clients Expect From a Staffing Agency

What Clients Expect From a Staffing AgencyIt’s normal to think about improving your screening process for candidates as a staffing firm and to sometimes forget what the client wants. Make sure to ask your clients if what they’re looking for in a staffing agency is being met. You not only want to protect your clients with General Liability Insurance, but you want them to be fully satisfied with your hiring process.

According to an article in Monster, clients want a specific set of qualities in their staffing firm and here are a few.

  1. Show how much deeper you will go to out rule the competition. In this day and age, it’s easy to google search for potential clients. In order to impress clients, show them what your staffing firm will do to go that extra mile in finding the right candidates. Whether it’s a temp position, contract or full-time, it’s important that you client knows you are better than your competitor.
  1. When you talk to prospective clients, make them aware that you are not here just for the commission and that you will bring them candidates they would have never gotten their hands on. Also, it’s important to show a relationship with the candidate.
  1. Make sure to be detail oriented when taking job orders. As an agency, it’s your job to know everything about your client’s work environment to best pick a candidate.
  1. As an agency, you must remember to do your homework and supply works for you client that are ready to work.
  1. It’s essential that your staffing agency has knowledge of all types of industries to better serve. Clients want an industry that understands their business and has experience aligning with their needs.

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