Don’t Forget to Include These Recruiter Site Staples

Developing a robust recruiter site is on top of the priority list for most staffing agencies nowadays. HR operations have pretty much completely shifted their focus to online, so recruiters’ daily tasks are not just based on sourcing candidates but also creating content to attract them.

Similar to most online environments, job sites have gone through an important evolution, with their existence having a significant impact on the employer’s company brand. Hence, visitors have the potential to become valuable candidates. Recruiters are now putting their time and energy into determining what makes a useful recruiter site.

Pinpointing Issues

It is well known in the recruiting industry that promoting a company’s brand will attract more candidates to apply for open positions. Website interactivity and quality directly reflects on the candidate experience and has a strong impact on the entire employer brand.

Having a customized site makes a company stand out and motivates candidates to apply, so it is important that a site looks good!

Developing a nice-looking, interactive, and customized site doesn’t necessarily mean a huge expense. It just needs more than a short description and a logo.

When creating these sites, the main issue is knowing what is possible, what is considered to be good, and how to achieve that.  We must first understand what the standard should be and all the elements that it should have.

Eye Catching

To be clear, looks matter for the site! It should include quality photos showcasing the office atmosphere, a good looking font of an attractive text about the company/position, or a well-executed video with the team. When a potential candidate sees the effort put into making the site, it shows them that it is at least worth their while to browse the site rather than just clicking right off. It also shows that the agency stays up with the new age times.


All branded content should be consistent and represented correctly. This includes the logo, company’s colors, typography, and the illustrations. Complete customization will help the agency remain competitive and help keep the agency on top of mind for candidates. Keep in mind that once the recruitment cycle is fully understood, other aspects can be better applied.

Frequent Content Refresh

Staying relevant is absolutely crucial these days. Candidates are likely to become frustrated when they feel they waste their time filling in the applications that expired or are irrelevant. Plus, being able to post a new job opening quickly and easily makes the whole process so much more efficient.

Adding relevant content, for instance, in the form of a blog or testimonials, helps to shape the brand further. So, candidate engagement is not solely spreading information about job positions but also about everything company related that might be interesting to them.

Separate Pages for Different Locations

Having a single career page for several office locations may not offer enough information about the practices and specialties of each location. It is beneficial to create separate sites for separate locations. This way, can you showcase the specifics of location and distinguish a particular micro-culture and the atmosphere from each office.

Future employees will be drawn by entirely different company environments depending on the geographical location and positions.

Mobile-Friendly and SEO

Most job seekers now use their mobile devices to search for new job opportunities. It is crucial to optimize the site for mobile use.

Also, be sure to optimize for Google to remain a relevant competitor in the search engine. Your clients will need to market the culture of the company through the career site. They must do what it takes to stand out in the search battle.

Tracking Traffic

It is always good to know where they can improve. Creating an interactive page whose performance can be tracked and measured is very helpful. The site can be integrated with all marketing tools to promote it and connect it to candidate databases to track which candidates were looking recently.

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