Employee Liability: How Can Building Trust Benefit Employers?


Employee Liability How Can Building Trust Benefit Employers

Employee Liability: How Can Building Trust Benefit Employers?

For any business, even one looking to employ temporary staff, the hiring process is just a start to creating a strong work force. High employee turnover can cost business owners time, productivity, and ultimately money. According to sources from Forbes.com, the key to retaining employees and keeping them satisfied in their jobs and careers is building trust. So, how can business owners do this, and how can building trust benefit employers?

Arguably the most important thing that employers can do is to communicate appropriately. Communication in business is about more than the words that are said; it is about the tone of voice combined with eye contact, hand gestures, body positioning, and even touch. Much of this can be lost over virtual communication, so it’s important for business owners and managers to arrange regular face-to-face meetings.

Another important factor that contributes to building employee trust is coaching employees rather than managing. Especially for temporary staff, giving constructive feedback to employees is extremely important. Employees can only move forward if they are guided on what they need to improve. Employers should empower, encourage and motivate, and be the problem-solver in any situation.

In addition to coaching, employers should always establish clear performance metrics and make their employees accountable for delivering. They should leverage performance reviews to gain insights into employee goals and aspirations. This is perhaps even more important for temporary staff. Many times, temporary employees may be looking to turn their assignment into a full time job, but may not feel that’s possible, or do not know about the opportunities available or how to pursue them. Creating growth opportunities and giving all staff an equal opportunity to grow is key to building trust among staff.

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