Fixes for a Broken Hiring Process

Are your clients in need of a stronger hiring process? All too often the recruitment cycle is lacking and those managing it do not know where to begin. Hiring can be a tricky, complex process. Luckily, there are certain steps they can take to mend their broken hiring process and their methods of operations.

They can take advantage of these tried and true tips to help their business thrive.

Promoting the Employer Brand

Job seekers want to know what it is really like to work for a company before they apply to the job. The employer brand is a direct reflection of the company culture, values and mission. Putting out videos, photos, blogs, and social media are all great methods to show what the company is all about. It is very important that the employer brand is not only compelling and authentic but it must be searchable as well.

Having a Strong  Employee Value Proposition

Job posting can be improved by simply putting more thought into them. For instance, considering what candidates really want out of a job.  There is a big difference in the outcome of company-focused postings versus candidate-focused posting. It is helpful to empathize how the job will meet the candidates needs and this can be done by including the employee value proposition which are the rewards or benefits they will receive from working with the particular company in the particular position. It should speak on things such as career advancement, autonomy and flexibility and any other great perks.

Automate the Screening

All too often resumes get ignored. Artificial intelligence (AI) can be used to automate the screening process which will significantly reduce the time it takes to hire without jeopardizing the quality of the hire. AI can screen every resume instantly so no top candidates are accidently getting passed by. This recruiting software can analyze the existing resume database to better determine if the employees qualifications meet the needs of the position that is up to fill. Recruiters will find this software extremely helpful as it instantly screens, grades, and ranks new candidates.

Personalized Candidate Experience

Most job hunters seek a personalized hiring process. Oftentimes a candidate’s expectations are not met, as they are looking for personal replies. Using AI will help to free up recieters time so make the hiring process more of a personalized experience. It is beneficial to hyper focus on a shortlist of candidates who best fit the position. Developing greater in depth relationships with qualified candidates will help the hiring manager reveal their exact needs in a job to secure a better match.

Use Recruiting Metrics

Learning from metrics will offer insights regarding the values and effectiveness of how the hiring is being handled. This information will identify where in the hiring process improvements should be made and to better understand specific recruiting functions. These metrics can then be associated with the business outcomes to demonstrate the company’s strategic and financial value. It is very beneficial for the hiring team to show their recruiting value by using business-related metrics throughout the recruitment cycle.

Fixing a broken hiring process doesn’t have to be complicated. Instead, share these tips with your clients and help them improve their operations.

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