Generating and Filling More Job Orders

Your clients are likely wondering how to secure new clients and get more job orders fulfilled. Managing and executing this isn’t always as easy as it may seem.

However, your clients can take certain steps to make accruing job orders easier.

Marketing Matters

If your clients strengthen their marketing efforts, they will likely see a significant impact. Relationships are the most impactful asset for staffing agencies but technology should be utilized as a tool to attract new clients. The website, search engines rankings, and social media presence are great methods to attract new clients for job orders. The marketing presence makes an enormous difference, as it is not just about retaining the same clients.

The Power of Referrals

Your clients must be able to seek out referrals from previous clients to obtain new ones. They are not just restricted to their top raving fans; they should contact clients that they have worked with and have good relationships with but didn’t end up pursuing their services. This allows an opportunity for potential clients who were not in a place to move forward due to timing or budget to venture with the firm. Checking in with those who recently transitioned to a new company but may be able to offer some insight about individuals to contact at their new or former company can also be beneficial.

There is something powerful about sending out handwritten thank you notes to clients with a business card for them and one to pass on. It may be surprising how much these personalized touches can make a difference in today’s digital world.

Understanding the Competition

Your clients must stay aware of who their biggest competitors are and audit websites for testimonials. Since most agencies do not stick to exclusive contracts nowadays, they probably sign many contracts to raise revenue by filling open positions. Even with existing partnerships with competition, they may still be looking for additional firms to work with.

Leverage Candidate Database

It is helpful to clean out the database periodically. Your clients must consider their most successful candidate placement. Their current database may be from job boards and candidate referrals. They should reevaluate their operations to see if they are making the most out of the existing candidates they have on file. It may be helpful to conduct an audit for their candidate database, as a disorganized or outdated database is very limiting.

Redeploying Workers

Most of the time that recruiters spend sourcing and placing candidates is not put to its full potential after a placement. Time should be utilized effectively and efficiently when it comes to redeploying workers. How do they know when to contact individuals regarding a new opportunity? Staying on top of candidates when assignments have reached their end should be the main priority for recruiters. They can even take advantage of applicant tracking systems for this process to keep track of when workers are scheduled to start and end assignments. This will help them place workers on new assignments with little wasted time in between. Sometimes communication between your clients and their own becomes misunderstood, which is why staffing liability insurance is so important.

Revamp the Onboarding Process

It usually takes a few months to get everyone in the process on the same page. When recruiters are not working at their full potential, it significantly reduces the agency’s efficiency. It is worth their while to invest in their onboarding process. With a revamp, your clients may find that they have a much easier time filling job orders. They should study what works for their competition and incorporate new streamlined methods that fit their own onboarding program.

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