Grow your Staffing Business

Grow your Staffing BusinessAs a staffing firm, it’s important to bring in new customers like any other business. Every business works to increase their revenue growth and build profits in different ways. Focusing on existing clients might be the way for your business to do it.  It’s also important to stay protected with Staffing General Liability.

According to an article in Jobscience, the key is to showcase your current value and highlight potential increases in value for current customers. Here are a few ways to grow your staffing business.

  1. Identify accounts and contracts of stronger clients. By looking at existing relationships, your firm can determine which contract can bring in more revenue. The clients that buy additional services in the future must be recognized. A client that is comfortable with their staffing firm will invest more money into the resources and contracts. Another way to track your best customers is by auditing them.
  2. Strong collaboration between account management, sales and marketing parties is ideal. The best way to draft a strong contract is by having everyone in the account be informed and involved in the additional services. If you think about it, the marketing department can’t advertise products without being aware of the firm’s sales. Marketing professionals are there to help determine which services are the most popular among your clients and must be involved in the decision-making.
  3. Come with a plan. Always think ahead to what your clients might need in the future and then appropriately pitch the new service to them. Keep a close relationship with your clients- that way you can strategically prepare them for new services at certain times of the year.

At World Wide Speciality Programs, we understand how important it is to protect your staffing firm from any legal actions including bodily injury or property damage. Our policies work specifically to extend coverage to all kinds of damage for the insured. For the past 50 years, we have been dedicated to finding the right kind of policies for companies like yours. For more information, call us today at 877.256.0468.