Hiring Managers : Are You Setting the Right First Impression?

Hiring Managers Are You Setting the Right First ImpressionIt’s common knowledge that making a strong, long-lasting first impression is important. As a hiring manager, it’s important that you consider how you’re coming across to potential hires. As you learn about different interpersonal strategies, ensure your staffing agency is secured with a Direct Hire Liability Insurance policy.

According to an article in Arrow Staffing, because of the importance of first impressions, there are a few things you should keep in mind.

  1. Keep your attire professional. For men, make sure to wear a suit and a tie. For women, a business suit is a great option. Being neatly groomed is important because it’s easy to spot when your nails are not neatly trimmed or your shoes are dirty. Getting a tailor-made suit would be ideal. Stay clean and groomed for the best kind of visual first impression.
  1. Work on eye contact. Studies show that people who keep eye contact are perceived as more intelligent. Those who don’t are perceived as timid and evasive. Keep an appropriate amount of eye contact during the interview.
  1. Body language is easily read by anyone. Those who walk with a more relaxed gait as perceived as more extroverted while those who take shorter steps are perceived as apprehensive. Forming judgments are done within seconds of meeting someone. Make sure you have a firm handshake as that communicates power and confidence. Keep your gestures friendly and open.

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