How to Develop an Effective Workplace Safety Culture

Having a team on the same page in terms of values, policy, behaviors, and expectations plays a major role in the retention of good employees, and the overall success of the company. This is called the “culture” of the company, and this should be a high priority for management and human resources. Knowing how to develop an effective workplace safety culture also helps promote accountability across the team. Here are a few ways to implement and encourage this type of environment:


There is no better way to promote a strong workplace culture than consistent communication across the organization. All safety and other policies should be accessible for every employee, with everyone should know the best practices within the company.


A consistent level of training is necessary for all levels of the organization. This shows a commitment to ensuring employee safety and enforcement of protocols. Training should take place frequently to keep these policies top-of-mind.


Management must demonstrate to their employees how committed they are to maintaining a positive, safe company culture. They must set the standard on how employees should conduct themselves and follow the rules. This fosters trust and buy-in, two crucial elements of an effective workplace culture.


Employees must be diligent in helping maintain a safe working environment and culture. Knowing what types of staffing workers’ compensation insurance is available in the event of an accident helps them feel comfortable reporting any hazards or breaches that may occur. This insurance can include coverage for lost wages due to being unable to work; medical expenses incurred; permanent disability; rehabilitation and death benefits. These benefits also have single and multi-state policies with a guaranteed cost from an exclusive, A+ rated carrier.


No positive company culture evolves without buy-in from the entire organization. Employees must be involved in the process from the very beginning. It is up to the management to gather feedback and keep employees in the loop on what would be effective for them and the company. Not understanding what happens on the front lines could be problematic.


Having a trained and active team to keep everything running smoothly while reinforcing the culture makes a difference.

These steps can be implemented and followed by the entire organization to build a strong, cohesive, safe and communication-based culture that works. For more information on effective safety cultures in the workplace, contact the team at World Wide Specialty Programs today.


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