It Pays to Be Nice in the Staffing Industry

It Pays to Be Nice in the Staffing Industry

It Pays to Be Nice in the Staffing Industry

Relationships are key in the staffing industry. Developing rapport with clients, listening to their needs and then finding the best candidate for them is essential. It is a web of conversation, matchmaking, and salesmanship to make sure both ends are satisfied.

A client pays for your recruiting services. But what about the candidates? Sure, they are being matched with jobs, but if they don’t feel their needs are being met, they may choose to take their highly valued skills elsewhere. And that could hurt you. So what exactly do candidates look for in a staffing firm?

A survey in Staffing Industry Analysts asked over 4,000 temporary workers to rate their staffing firms. In the survey, participants were asked to rate on pay, benefits, communication, and numerous other factors. What do you think the results were? Hint: it was not about the pay.

Overall, temps were “very satisfied,” at 45 percent. Communication and job information were listed as highly important. The participants who rated their staffing firms highest were the ones who had a good personal relationship with the company. The most enthusiastic approvals included responses such as “My staffing firm is polite to me” or “I have a good relationship with my recruiter.” The temps with great benefits and high pay were less likely to rate their staffing industry highly as others who were satisfied by more soft, “human factors.”

Recommendations are a great source of business for any company, regardless of the industry. Happy temp workers return for more work. And, you develop rapport with candidates and open up a larger network of recruits. It’s a win-win situation for all.

World Wide Specialty Programs has always had a singular purpose – to design, develop and provide Staffing insurance products for the staffing industry. Our method is simple: track those changes; listen to emerging needs, and respond. We work with over 2,000 insurance brokers nationwide. We know the staffing industry better than anyone. Contact us today for more information about our Staffing insurance programs.

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