Staffing Industry: Common Mistakes Interviewers Make

Staffing Industry Common Mistakes Interviewers Make

Staffing Industry Common Mistakes Interviewers Make

Staffing Industry: Common Mistakes Interviewers Make

It’s well known that applicants can bomb an interview. Chances are we’ve all done it. We’ve showed up late, unprepared, in flip-flops. Or maybe flubbed the presentation or didn’t answer a crucial question. There are a million things that can go wrong. But, that’s not all on the candidate- the interviewer can mess up too.

As a staffing agent, your schedule is most likely made up of interviews. You specialize in providing your clients with a great selection of candidates that meet the requirements of the position they are trying to fill. It’s the business version of matchmaking, and has become a huge industry.

But recruiters can still make mistakes. And poor interviews can lead to bad hires. The last thing you want as a recruiter is to miss out on great candidates. Here are some tips from the Wall Street Journal on how to avoid interview faux pas.

Bad-mouthing the company or being less than enthusiastic about the position can dishearten candidates.  Asking inappropriate or even illegal questions, even bullying applicants, can all be harmful. Asking personal details, such as age, marital status, etc., can drive away a candidate.

Focus on developing strong listening skills. Make sure the candidate is the focus. They should speak for the majority of the interview- about 80% of airtime. Don’t ask difficult, “gotcha” questions. Don’t subject the candidate to an unusual number of tests.

Interviews can be high pressure, intimidating environments. Don’t add to that by intimidating the candidate. If you create a pressure-cooker environment during your interviews you could scare the candidate away.

Identify the key skills needed to excel in the job. Chances are you aren’t going to find the next Steve Jobs. A younger version of Bill Gates isn’t going to walk through your door asking about that open software position. The perfect candidate isn’t out there. But, if you understand the specific needs of the positions, and prioritize the skills you’re looking for, you will find a good candidate.

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Source: Inc. & WSJ

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